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Age Group & Birth Year Days / Times Program Age Group & Birth Year Days / Times
U9 & U10 Boys
Born in 2008 & 2007
Contact  %20Henderson%20County">david@abysa.org  Academy U9 & U10 Girls
Born in 2008 & 2007
Contact  %20Henderson%20County">david@abysa.org 
U11 & U12 Boys
Born in 2007
Contact  %20Henderson%20County">david@abysa.org  Challenge U11 & U12 Girls
Born in 2007
Contact  %20Henderson%20County">david@abysa.org 


A Message from ABYSA/HFC Executive Director Mike Rottjakob:

The U9 and U10 HFC Academy program was a great success in Henderson County during the 2015-2016 soccer year and we look forward to expanding our service into older age groups for fall 2016. It has been a pleasure to work with Laura Rice and Tim Hopkin from the Henderson County Parks and Recreation Department on this project. They share a passion for providing the best opportunities for aspiring young soccer players and gave us great insight into how we can work together in the best interest of Henderson County families. Our goal at HFC is to make great competitive soccer instruction available, close to home, for young players in Henderson County, and improve the opportunities for all players to excel in Western North Carolina. If you have a player between the ages of 8 and 18 that aspires to reach their potential in soccer, one of the HFC staff listed below will be happy to help you learn about the program that might be best for you.


Our Partnership:

Henderson County Soccer Association (HCSA) is pleased to announce this year’s expansion of its partnership with the Highland Football Club (HFC), the competitive division of Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association (ABYSA). This partnership aims to enhance training opportunities and elevate the development of players seeking to grow in the game of soccer. HFC provided an Under 9/Under 10 Academy Program in Henderson County during the 2015-2016 soccer year. Beginning in the fall of 2016, HFC will offer Challenge and Classic level competitive soccer in Henderson County. The HFC Henderson County program will continue to serve U9/U10 players in Academy and will expand to serve players U10 to U14 through Challenge and Classic programs.

The HCSA Recreation Soccer program run by Henderson County Parks & Recreation Department will continue to work closely with HFC to help direct players interested in more advanced training to find the proper level of play. By bringing a proven model of player development to Henderson County, the partnership will utilize the expertise and organizational capacity of HFC to improve the level of play through their professional coaching staff.


Contacts: HFC Directors of Coaching and Player Development