HFC Academy Boys’ Schedules


April 12, 2014

*Please make sure your player arrives at least 20 mins prior to his/her scheduled time slot.
*Please make sure your player has both jerseys (red & black) with them.



Time Field Red Black Level
8:00am 3A Colombia Paraguay U9B
8:00am 3B Argentina Brazil U9B
8:00am 3C Canada Mexico U9G
9:05am 3A Chile Uruguay U9B
9:05am 3B Italy Spain U10G
9:05am 3C China Japan U10B
10:10am 3A France Germany U10G
10:10am 3C India Philippines U10B



Level First Last Team
U9B carson A Argentina
U9B Joseph B Uruguay
U9B Elliott B Brazil
U9B Luke B Colombia
U9B Tyler "Wyatt" B Argentina
U9B Ayden C Brazil
U9B Jesse C Argentina
U9B Elias D Brazil
U9B Beau  F Brazil
U9B Chase G Argentina
U9B Kevin G Uruguay
U9B Sean G Uruguay
U9B William H Colombia and Uruguay
U9B Teddy H Argentina
U9B Ayden K Paraguay
U9B Andrew "Duggan" L Chile
U9B Finnian M Colombia and Uruguay
U9B Julian M Argentina
U9B Christopher Ma Paraguay and Chile
U9B Christopher Me Paraguay and Chile
U9B Kyle M Paraguay and Chile
U9B William "Oliver" M Argentina
U9B max M Brazil
U9B John N Brazil
U9B Shan P Chile
U9B Cashion P Argentina
U9B Charlie P Colombia and Uruguay
U9B Noah R Brazil
U9B Holden R Paraguay and Chile
U9B Elliott S Chile
U9B Alden S Paraguay
U9B Henry S Colombia and Uruguay
U9B Parker S Colombia
U9B Jack T Paraguay and Chile
U9B jesus V Colombia and Uruguay
U9B Aiden W Brazil
U9B Winter W Colombia
U10B Franklin  B Japan and India
U10B Jack B China
U10B Gabriel B Philippines
U10B Caleb C Philippines
U10B Avery C China
U10B Yovany D Japan
U10B Oren D China
U10B Asher G Japan and India
U10B Edgar G India
U10B Jasper G China and India
U10B Samuel G OUT
U10B Max H OUT
U10B Charles "Baden"  H Japan and India
U10B alexander H China
U10B Charlie H Philippines
U10B Tobe K Japan
U10B Ryan K Japan
U10B Henry L India
U10B Derek M India
U10B Kishan P Philippines
U10B Caeden P Philippines
U10B Josue Q China and Philippines
U10B Nikolaus R Japan
U10B Conner R Philippines
U10B Zack S Japan and India
U10B Bharaeva S Philippines
U10B Daniel S China
U10B Solomon Y China