ABYSA Adult Recreation Soccer…
1261 League

ABYSA ADULT REC’s SPRING SEASON will begin with an OPEN PLAY/KICKAROUND on March 8 at the Buncombe County Sports Park. Fields 6 and 7


Bring a friend and invite them to join us! 
Matches will officially begin March 15. Absolute deadline to register is March 9 at 1:00 PM.

What in the world does 1261 mean? It’s the code required to use the defibrilator at the John B Lewis Soccer Complex. Hope we won’t ever need it…

Registration is online from NOW through-March 9 for our spring season beginning March 15. If after the deadline, or anytime for more information, email Bobby bob@abysa.org.

Our Adult Recreation Program is designed for adult players with a varied level of experience-novice to seasoned veteran-who want an enjoyable playing experience on a Sunday afternoon. The league is casual, with no referees, as the teams and their captains manage the matches each week. Players have ranged in age from 18-70, and the league seeks to find a balance between all players.  It’s a great place for families to play together. Spouses, parents and their adult children, siblings…

The league wants and needs new players!  Sign up with your Blue Sombrero Account here!

We play three seasons per year, in Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), and Fall (September-November). Fee to join the league is just $55, which includes the league t-shirt. We’ll play the fall season a the Buncombe County Sports Park on Sunday afternoons.


However, if you desire a more competitive level of adult soccer, please visit the Asheville Buncombe Adult Soccer Association at www.abasa.info.