Code of Conduct…1261 League

Basic League Rules:

  • Format is 9 v 9
  • Games will be 30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. Teams may opt for (3) 20 minute periods. Captains will agree.
  • No slide-tackling
  • No offside
  • Teams must have at least 3 women on the field at all times
  • 2 goal maximum per player per game
  • Women’s goals count for 2, men’s goals count for 1
  • 5 touch rule – players may take a maximum of 5 (ish) touches at a time (This is to prevent players from going “coast to coast,” and to encourage participation from all players)
  • No referees (Captains will govern their respective team’s conduct. Captains are to meet before the start of the game to make themselves known to each other. We suggest that captains meet again at halftime to discuss the first half play and to work through any potential issues. Everyone is expected to use good judgment regarding fair play and a proper regard for all players)
  • Captains must delegate the responsibility of a single time and score keeper to a volunteer family member or friend on the sideline

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • This league was established to create a fun, friendly games atmosphere for participants.
  • While we understand the spirit of competition, we also expect players to be respectful of their opponents and to consider good sportsmanship—especially when considering the score of the game.
  • Many players participate for good exercise. We ask that players do their best to involve all teammates in the play.
  • We ask that players are considerate of all players and their varying level of experience and skill—even that of their opponents. We ask that players give weaker opponents the opportunity to try and play.
  • We all have to work on Monday! Aggressive play, even that which is within the rules of soccer, is not part of this league’s scope. Those practices are conducive to injury.
  • We ask all players to practice good sportsmanship. If a foul is committed or a physical play takes place, make sure the offense is reconciled before continuing play.