Fall season schedule 

Times have been adjusted to reflect daylight savings time and the sortened late fall days.

November 23, 2014 will be used as a make-up date. "Festival" format beginning at 1 PM. Details TBA.

Date Home Visitor StartTime FieldName
14-Sep Red Devils Crush  2:30PM BCSP 6
14-Sep Bayer Neverlosin Madison FC  4:00PM BCSP 6
14-Sep Forza FC Summertime Blues  4:00PM BCSP 7
14-Sep Timbers Gunners  5:30PM BCSP 6
14-Sep Blind Squirrels Old Man City  5:30PM BCSP 7
21-Sep Blind Squirrels Gunners  2:30PM BCSP 6
21-Sep Timbers Madison FC  4:00PM BCSP 6
21-Sep Bayer Neverlosin Red Devils  4:00PM BCSP 7
21-Sep Forza FC Crush  5:30PM BCSP 6
21-Sep Old Man City Summertime Blues  5:30PM BCSP 7
5-Oct Gunners Old Man City  2:30PM BCSP 6
5-Oct Crush Blind Squirrels  4:00PM BCSP 6
5-Oct Summertime Blues Bayer Neverlosin  4:00PM BCSP 7
5-Oct Madison FC Forza FC  5:30PM BCSP 6
5-Oct Red Devils Timbers  5:30PM BCSP 7
12-Oct Forza FC Red Devils  2:30PM BCSP 6
12-Oct Blind Squirrels Madison FC  4:00PM BCSP 6
12-Oct Bayer Neverlosin Timbers  4:00PM BCSP 7
12-Oct Old Man City Crush  5:30PM BCSP 6
12-Oct Summertime Blues Gunners  5:30PM BCSP 7
19-Oct Crush Summertime Blues  2:30PM BCSP 6
19-Oct Timbers Forza FC  4:00PM BCSP 6
19-Oct Madison FC Old Man City  4:00PM BCSP 7
19-Oct Gunners Bayer Neverlosin  5:30PM BCSP 6
19-Oct Red Devils Blind Squirrels  5:30PM BCSP 7
26-Oct Summertime Blues Madison FC  2:00PM BCSP 6
26-Oct Gunners Crush 3:30PM BCSP 6
26-Oct Old Man City Red Devils  3:30PM BCSP 7
26-Oct Bayer Neverlosin Forza FC  5:00PM BCSP 6
26-Oct Blind Squirrels Timbers  5:00PM BCSP 7
2-Nov Timbers Old Man City  1:00 PM BCSP 6
2-Nov Forza FC Blind Squirrels  2:30 PM BCSP 6
2-Nov Red Devils Summertime Blues 2:30 PM BCSP 7
2-Nov Crush Bayer Neverlosin  4:00 PM BCSP 6
2-Nov Madison FC Gunners  4:00 PM BCSP 7
9-Nov Old Man City Forza FC  1:00 PM BCSP 6
9-Nov Gunners Red Devils  2:30 PM BCSP 6
9-Nov Summertime Blues Timbers  2:30 PM BCSP 7
9-Nov Bayer Neverlosin Blind Squirrels  4:00 PM BCSP 6
9-Nov Crush Madison FC  4:00 PM BCSP 7
16-Nov Crush Timbers  1:00 PM BCSP 6
16-Nov Old Man City Bayer Neverlosin  2:30 PM BCSP 6
16-Nov Gunners Forza FC  2:30 PM BCSP 7
16-Nov Summertime Blues Blind Squirrels  4:00 PM BCSP 6
16-Nov Madison FC Red Devils  4:00 PM BCSP 7