100 CLUB

Juggling is an easy way for players to spend time on their own with a ball. Juggling a soccer ball requires each player to use “skill on demand”, in which the skill is taking multiple, controlled touches with specific body parts when called upon to do so. Juggling not only improves a player’s first touch, but it also enhances one’s ability to strike the ball with the laces/inside of the foot, balance, coordination, proprioception (ability to sense and control different parts of the body at the same time), fitness, and focus.

The dedication to the craft of juggling is vital to become an expert, and it takes a strong commitment and drive to reach the highest levels. Advanced juggling skills assist with becoming a better, more technically gifted soccer player, and therefore, it is an important aspect of developing as a soccer player.

To encourage HFC player’s to spend time juggling on their own, we have developed the “100s Club”. The “100s Club” is an exclusive club for those players that have demonstrated their ability to effectively juggle the soccer ball at least 100 times without the ball touching the ground. A player that is able to accomplish this goal in the presence of an HFC coach will become a member of the “100s Club”, be announced on the ABYSA website, and receive a “100s Club” training shirt!


100s Club Rules:

• An HFC Coach must observe the player

• Players can only use their thighs and feet to juggle, and cannot use their thighs more than two touches in a row

• Players must take at least 100 touches without the ball hitting the ground (no bounces)


October 2013


Girls / Team

Boys / Team

Ella Pesce-DeFerrari / 01 HFC Red G
Camryn Bolick / 01 HFC Red G
Isabelle Ingle / 01 HFC Red G