Cost of Classic

ABYSA/HFC makes every effort to contain the cost of Classic soccer through tournament hosting, fundraising, and the use of a growing volunteer base. Players are assessed a fee each season to pay for the remaining costs (coaches, tournament entry fees, referees, field rental, administration, etc.). Fees average $860 per season, not including the cost of a uniform and gear (about a $287cost in the first season).

For more information about fees for specific age groups click below:

Classic Costs & Payment  Plans

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  HFC Uniform package*
(cost includes all embroidery & logos):

  • 2 Jerseys (Red & Black);  Black Shorts, 2 Pair Socks; Warm-up jacket; Warm-up pant; backpack.
  • Optional sweatshirt; optional rain jacket.
  • Shipped to your team manager

           Total  $287

*This is the total cost for new players.  All returning players will only need to purchase or replace any other items that they have grown out of.

It is the philosophy of ABYSA/HFC that cost should not be a deterrent for any qualified player to participate in classic soccer. ABYSA/HFC has established 3 programs to mitigate the costs of playing classic soccer: the Ingles Gift cards, Tournament Program Ad Sales, and G.O.A.L.S. Financial Aid programs.

Mid-Year Withdrawal Policy: 

  • Per the Player Commitment & Financial Contract all players will be responsible for the fees for the full NCYSA year (September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018) except in cases of injury, sickness or if a family relocates out of the area.
  • Contact the HFC Director of Coaching in writing (boys: Trei Morrison and girls: Jason ReMine)


Ingles Gift Card Program

  • Ingles gift cards (formerly called “scrip”) are purchased by ABYSA/HFC at a discount from Ingles.
  • Player families purchase these gift cards at face value from their team representative. Five percent of the purchase is applied as a credit against their team fees.

    • Example: A purchase of $100 of Ingles gift cards yields $100 worth of groceries and a $5 reduction of the player’s fees.
  • Some families have paid all their fees from Ingles gift card purchases alone!
  • For more information about the Ingles Gift Card Program click here.


Tournament Program Advertising Sales

  • ABYSA/HFC hosts 2 invitational tournaments each year.
  • For each of these events, a tournament program is produced.
  • ABYSA/HFC families are encouraged to solicit local businesses to place tournament advertisements, post on-site banners, etc.
  • 50% of all ad sales will be returned to the player’s team to be used specifically towards their account balance.
  • Information on the program is available on our website and will be given to player families prior to the annual Asheville Riverside Summer Shootout in August.


G.O.A.L.S. Financial Aid
(Granting Opportunities for Advancement in Life through Soccer)

This program provides financial support to committed players who otherwise would not be able to participate in classic soccer. The Financial Aid Application is a one-page online form, and all information is kept confidential. Applicants should be committed to classic soccer and should regularly participate in the other fundraising opportunities offered by ABYSA. The Financial Aid is need-based, and each application is individually reviewed by the G.O.A.L.S. Funding Committee. ABYSA is confident that, by utilizing the Ingles gift card, Tournament Ad Sales and if necessary, G.O.A.L.S Financial Aid program, any committed player and family can financially afford to participate in Classic soccer. 
(Solicitud de Ayuda Financiera) - Haga click aquí (Versión en español)