Classic FAQs

What if I tryout for Classic and don’t get selected?

Player evaluations will be forwarded to the ABYSA Challenge division for U11 – U14. Players will then be contacted by the Challenge division and may be asked to attend to a Challenge tryout following the conclusion of Classic tryouts. Some players will be offered positions in the Challenge program based upon their performance in Classic tryouts; however, participation in Classic tryouts does not guarantee a player a position in the Challenge program.

When will I be notified?

Following the second group tryout, coaches will decide which players will be offered positions on which teams. In the event that there are still decisions to make, coaches may have a third tryout in the age group. We will do our best to notify players within 7 days after the last tryout in their age group.

How long do I have before I need to accept an offered position? What if I am uncertain?

You have 48 hours to accept your position using the online link. If a position is not accepted within 48 hours, it may be offered to another player.

If you are undecided about accepting an HFC position, please mark that box on the registration form and provide a brief explanation of the reasons for your uncertainty. An ABYSA Director will contact you to discuss your concerns so that teams may be formed as quickly as possible following the tryouts. In the event that you choose not to accept an offered position, we need to know within the 48 hour period following the offer so that the position can be offered to another qualified player.

How are teams in the older boys (U15-U18) age groups selected?

Players in this age group are trying out in May for a team that will not compete until at least December. Much development can occur over the course of those 6 months, and it is important that all players are given the best opportunity to make an HFC team. Positions that are offered after the May tryouts will be offered to players on the Red team only. The balance of players not selected to the Red team will be invited back for another evaluation in November, following high-school playoffs. After the November tryouts, the remaining positions will be offered to players on Red and White teams.

What is the difference between Red, White, Black, and Silver teams?

The color designation for team names was chosen to give teams singular identities. Red, White, Black and Silver are the official colors of the ABYSA competitive programs.

The Red team is the first team in an age group. The White, Black, and Silver teams are composed of Classic level soccer players who are committed to improving and competing at the Classic level but who are not at the level of the first team.

Who will be the team coach? When will I know?

We always hope to be able to name team coaches by tryouts, but that is not always possible for every team. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of coaching to the players in the Western North Carolina area. Sometimes highly qualified coaches who want to be involved with our program have other professional obligations or schedule conflicts which cannot be sorted out until after tryouts are completed. In such cases, there may be a delay in naming the coach, but teams will know about their coach by the time training begins in mid-July.

What if I can’t make all days of tryouts?

If players are not able to attend all days of tryouts, coaches will have limited time to evaluate them for a position. If coaches feel that further evaluation is required before making a decision, players may be invited back for another tryout or even asked to train with a team for a couple of sessions prior to deciding if a roster position will be offered.

Can I play up an age group?

BOYS CLASSIC: Unless excused by the Boys Classic Directors of Coaching, every boy’s player must try out in his true age group. All players will only be assigned to an older age group team for player development reasons, not for convenience, and these are rare exceptions. 

GIRLS CLASSIC: All female players will also be trying out within their own age group; however, will also be given the opportunity to try out with the age group 1 year ahead of them. All final decisions are made by the Girls Classic Directors of Coaching and will be based on what is best for player development within the team format. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Trei Morrison

Men’s Director of Coaching and Player Development
828.299.7277 ext. 310

Jonny Wangrin

Assistant Men’s Director of Coaching and Player Development
828.299.7277 ext. 314

Jason ReMine

Girl’s Director of Coaching and Player Development
828.299.7277 ext 303

Joey Sasvari

Assistant Girl’s Director of Coaching and Player Development
828.299.7277 ext 309

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