Marathon Games – May 21, 2016


The HFC Marathon Games will be held on May 21, 2016. More information will be provided to families as we approach the spring. A big thank-you to all participants in the 2015 Marathon Games. The event was remarkably successful and we look forward to another great day of soccer and fundraising success in 2015-16. Here is an order form for the 2016 HFC Panoramic Photo to be taken on the 21st! Congrats to our Raffle Basket winners! Basket #1 “An Apple A Day”- Jamie Harbison; Basket #2 “Watch Where You’re Going”- Marty Rich; Basket #3 “Are You Ready For The Yeti?”- Courtney Biggs;  Basket #4 “Wifi Zone”- Wendy Cady; Basket #5 “Get Your Kicks For Free”- Robbi Wade


“Stay Cool’ when you have 100% participation