ABYSA and ABC Pediatrics of Asheville are proud of our ongoing parnership of the SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD PROGRAM.

ABC Pediatrics of Asheville and ABYSA, recognize that the life lessons learned from being part of a sports team are just as important as the physical activity and exercise that sport provides. We are grateful to ABC Pediatrics for helping us make learning about sportsmanship a core value of our recreation program and providing a format for coaches and parents to help our children learn these important lessons. We hope you will join us in using this program as a teaching tool.

Details about the program, information about the importance of sportsmanship, and a link to the ABC Pediatrics of Asheville website can be found below.


What is sportsmanship and why is it important for young athletes? (pdf)

Being a good sport rans as the top "Fun" factor in study of youth sports - Click on link to view the study

  1. The purpose of the program is to teach children about the importance of good sportsmanship and create pride and positive self esteem around competing fairly. This is a core value shared by ABYSA and ABC Pediatrics of Asheville.
  2. This new program gives every coach and parent an opportunity and reason to talk about and model good sportsmanship with their team or child.
  3. We want as many players as possible to learn about good sportsmanship and feel rewarded for their efforts.


 How the Program Works:

  1. Your coach receives 7 or 8 sportsmanship award medallions for use during the season depending on the number of games your team has during the season.

  2. One player from each team receives a sportsmanship award medallion from the opposing coach at the end of each game.

  3. The intention is that the awards not go to the most effective player in the game, but rather to a player on the opposing team whose coach feels they are demonstrating what they are learning about sportsmanship this season.

  4. We understand that every child in our program might not receive a medallion every season, even if they are demonstrating good sportsmanship. This is a teaching opportunity for parents and we believe that most children will have the opportunity to receive the award over the course of their time in the ABYSA Recreation Soccer Program.


The opposing coach will approach a player from the opposing team who will receive the award, thank them for their good sportsmanship, shake their hand, and present them with the ABC Pediatrics of Asheville award medallion.