U.S. Soccer Mandates

The U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF), the governing body of soccer in the U.S.A., recently passed two player development mandates which directly affect all youth members, the small-sided games and birth year registration mandates. The staff at ABYSA/HFC has worked diligently to consider all scenarios to ensure that we can provide a proper platform for player development and ensure that every player is receiving the best possible playing experience while adhering to the new mandates. To learn more about how each program will be impacted by these mandates click the appropriate program below:

ABYSA Recreation
HFC Academy
HFC Challenge
HFC Boy’s Classic
HFC Girl’s Classic

To learn more about the USSF player development mandates click below:


HFC Competitive Programs Age Chart:

Available programs by age

Birth Year

Age Group




2008 U9 Eligible    
2007 U10 Eligible   Eligible*
2006 U11   Eligible Eligible
2005 U12   Eligible Eligible
2004 U13   Eligible Eligible
2003 U14   Eligible Eligible
2002 U15     Eligible
2001 U16     Eligible
2000 U17     Eligible
1999 U18     Eligible
1998 U19     Eligible

*At discretion of the Classic Directors of Coaching when appropriate