Marathon Games – May 16, 2015


The HFC Marathon Games will be held on May 16, 2015. More information will be provided to families as we approach the spring. A big thank-you to all participants in the 2014 Marathon Games. The event was remarkably successful and we look forward to another great day of soccer and fundraising success in 2014-15.


2015 Age Group Participation Prize:
HFC Logo Shoe Bag

A necessity for every player’s equipment bag! Keeps shoes, shinguards and socks separate from your uniform and warm-ups so your clothes don’t smell like they were in your shoes during a 90 minute game in the pouring rain…

If your age group (U9 Girls, U9 Boys, U10 Girls, U10 Boys) can reach 80% participation, all players within that age group will recieve the prize!