HFC Academy Girls’ Schedules & Rosters


October 1, 2016

*Please make sure your player arrives at least 20 mins prior to his/her scheduled time slot.
*Please make sure your player has both jerseys (red & black) with them


Time Field Red Black Level
8:00AM JBL 3A Malaga Sevilla  U10 Boys 
8:00AM JBL 3C Valencia  Madrid U10 Boys 
8:00AM JBL 3B West Ham Chelsea  U9 Boys 
9:05AM JBL 3A Bilbao Atletico U10 Boys 
9:05AM JBL 3C Barcelona Espanyol U10 Boys 
9:05AM JBL 3B Manchester Arsenal  U9 Boys 
10:10AM JBL 3A Inter Juventus  U10 Girls 
10:10AM JBL 3C Napoli Roma U10 Girls 
11:15AM JBL 3A Munich Schalke U9 Girls 
11:15AM JBL 3C Milan Genoa  U10 Girls 

SCHEDULE: HENDERSONVILLE AAC – 708 South Grove St, Hendersonville, NC 28792

Time Field Red Black
9:00AM AAC-A Liverpool Everton  U9/10 Boys 
10:00AM AAC-A Deportivo Granada  U9/10 Boys 
11:00AM AAC-A Lazio Palermo  U9/10 Girls 



Level First Last Team
U9 Girls  Ava Claire Baggett Palermo
U9 Girls  Graham Boan-Lenzo Munich
U9 Girls  Padme Cross Palermo
U9 Girls  Jazmin Gomez Munich
U9 Girls  Jessica Gordon Munich
U9 Girls  Abigail Hale Schalke 
U9 Girls  Sadie Hambright Schalke 
U9 Girls  Poppy Jones Palermo
U9 Girls  Allison Kirshner Schalke 
U9 Girls  Katherine  Lehman  Munich
U9 Girls  Kaia Lister OUT
U9 Girls  Tilly Love Munich
U9 Girls  Elizabeth Meyer OUT
U9 Girls  Olivia Miller Schalke 
U9 Girls  Sarah (Adelaide) Murphy Munich
U9 Girls  Sasha  Novik Schalke 
U9 Girls  Cleo Page Palermo
U9 Girls  Inez Privette Munich
U9 Girls  Lilly  Reese Lazio
U9 Girls  Addison Reid Lazio
U9 Girls  Emma Roberts Munich
U9 Girls  Mia Sandstedt Schalke 
U9 Girls  Edie Stein Schalke 
U9 Girls  Eva Swann OUT
U9 Girls  Anne Carter Tepper Schalke 
U9 Girls  Ainsley Vorhis Lazio
U9 Girls  Caroline "Carli" Ward Lazio
U9 Girls  Brooke  Wilson Munich
U10 Girls  Hannah Ahern Inter
U10 Girls  Grace Artz Genoa 
U10 Girls  charlotte berry Inter
U10 Girls  ansley blackford OUT
U10 Girls  Rell bound Milan
U10 Girls  Silvyn Brown Lazio
U10 Girls  Madeleine Cable Lazio
U10 Girls  Hennie Calloway Genoa 
U10 Girls  Hazel Capp Genoa 
U10 Girls  Eleanor Cardwell Inter
U10 Girls  Emma Carver OUT
U10 Girls  Addison Case Napoli
U10 Girls  Peyton Case Juventus
U10 Girls  Katelynn Ciolek Napoli
U10 Girls  Addison Copenhaver Genoa 
U10 Girls  Helia Cortes Milan
U10 Girls  Maddie Couch Milan
U10 Girls  Maria Diavatis Napoli
U10 Girls  Madeleine Droege Juventus
U10 Girls  Ellie Dukowicz OUT
U10 Girls  Sadie Flemming Roma
U10 Girls  Mya Freeman Lazio
U10 Girls  Ava Garner Roma
U10 Girls  Isabella Geier Roma
U10 Girls  Claire Goodman Roma
U10 Girls  Sarah  Hughes Palermo
U10 Girls  Ruby Jacobelly Inter
U10 Girls  Aidan Jones Palermo
U10 Girls  Lucy Kopp Inter
U10 Girls  Gabrielle LeClair Palermo
U10 Girls  Samantha Lehman Inter
U10 Girls  Gabrielle Lewis Genoa 
U10 Girls  Eva  Libertore OUT
U10 Girls  Cora Martin Genoa 
U10 Girls  Selma Mattsson OUT
U10 Girls  Hannah McCoy Palermo
U10 Girls  Loretta McMakin Lazio
U10 Girls  Andrea Mendoza-Hallock Napoli
U10 Girls  naomi miguelez Napoli
U10 Girls  Jaedyn  Miller Milan
U10 Girls  Emma Mowrey Juventus
U10 Girls  Kaitlyn Mowrey Juventus
U10 Girls  Zoey Norman Napoli
U10 Girls  sophia olinger Inter
U10 Girls  Lucy Peltz Milan
U10 Girls  Rose Pierce Genoa 
U10 Girls  Kate Pratt Juventus
U10 Girls  Eleanor Railey OUT
U10 Girls  Claire Rhoden Juventus
U10 Girls  Ella  Root  Milan
U10 Girls  Stella Ross Palermo
U10 Girls  Keegan Shaw Roma
U10 Girls  Sara Thingvoll Napoli
U10 Girls  Lydia Thomas Lazio
U10 Girls  Emma Trepina Juventus
U10 Girls  Kathryn Van Cleve "Betsie" Roma
U10 Girls  Amelia Waddell Milan
U10 Girls  Eva  Wilson Roma