Fall Schedule: ABYSA Adult Recreation 1261 League

Revised Fall schedule as of 11/25/15

ALL matches at JBL field 1

*November 29th* if your team is not listed, there will be open play at 3:00 PM, or you can suit up with another tem that is playing. Bring an extra shirt and match colors!


29-Nov 1:30 New Belgium Devils Gunners JBL 1A
29-Nov 1:30 Man City/Bayern Crush JBL 1B
29-Nov 3:00 Blind Squirrels Timbers JBL 1A
29-Nov 3:00 Forza (need helpers) Doctor Doctor  JBL 1B
6-Dec 1:00 Summertime Blues Forza JBL 1A
6-Dec 1:00 Doctor Doctor New Belgium Devils JBL 1B
6-Dec 1:45 Summertime Blues New Belgium Devils JBL 1A
6-Dec 1:45 Doctor Doctor Gunners JBL 1B
6-Dec 2:30 Madison Forza JBL 1A
6-Dec 2:30 Bayern Gunners JBL 1B
6-Dec 3:20 Man City Crush JBL 1A
6-Dec 3:20 Madison Blind Squirrels JBL 1B
6-Dec 4:10 Man City Timbers JBL 1A
6-Dec 4:10 Bayern Crush JBL 1B